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SINOPTIC is manufacturer of whole units family - dedicated to mimic boards. They can receive, convert and display analogue and digital data. Every unit have own RS485 port to comumunicate with system (MODBUS, PROFIBUS and others)

 LED controller - Z12LED64

  • 64 independently controlled outputs (possibility of controll 64 LED modules)

  • static outputs with common anode (not multiplexed)

  • output current: 15mA 

  • anti-short-circuit outputs protection 

  • possibility of programmed flash controll (or other visual effects) 

  • small size and possibility of easy install on standard bus 

  • easy installation of receivers (e.g. LED modules) thanks to separate slots 

  • power supply 12V DC 

  • correct work controll and automatic restart system 

  • interface RS-485 (half-duplex) 

  • possibility of easy addressing up to 127 identical controllers

Controller Z12LED64 is based on ATMEL 89C2051 microcomputer. It controlls whole system (e.g. twoway interface RS-485, LED controll system, correct work controll system). Except this Z12LED64 contains digital systems powar supply module, generator, DIP-switch (to address the controller), and slots to connecting LED modules (64), RS-485 and power. Controller is plased in open case with catches to installing on standard bus.

Controller is used in automatics and telecommunication systems, primarily in mimic boards. It may by used wherever needs to controll any low power elements

Datatransfer with controller is realised with RS-485 port. It may use standard (e.g. MODBUS RTU) or specialistic (e.g. MCprotocol) trensmission protocols. It's possible to create quite new software to realise special customers requirements.